I found a new terminal: WezTerm. Not as fast as Alacritty it’s still GPU accelerated and has some great features.

WezTerm on Fedora with GNOME looks great. This picture shows both the dark and light Adwaita theme.

WezTerm combines two important aspects: Alacritties speed and iTerms/GNOME Terminals tabs. It sure isn’t as fast as Alacritty, but in my daily usage, I hardly notice any differences.

Noteworthy features:

Font ligatures specifically designed for code, make it easier for the programmer to work. WezTerm has fantastic support for ligatures and renders fonts beautifully.

WezTerm offers great defaults and I never ran into any issue that I might have needed to address in the config on Fedora. However using it on my work laptop on macOS, there were some things – like proper working keyboard shortcuts or copy/paste – that needed attention in the settings. Since about two releases, those few issues on macOS vanished as well leaving me here with no configuration to show off.